NBA Finals

I have this gripe regarding Detroit Pistons. Did you notice the last two games they barely won against the Cleveland Cavaliers. On those two games LeBron James scored a combined 29 points. Last night game Cavs beat Pistons 88-82. On that game LJ scored 32 points! Whose better Pistons or Cavs? Cleveland could easily beat Detroit on those first two games. Come on, Pistons beat da Bulls on 4-2 series and compare da Bulls to the Cavs I think da Bulls are the better team. I don’t know maybe I’m just talking nonsense. I still think the Detroit Pistons will win the series but I wouldn’t be surprise if the Cavs win it on seven.


About Anthony Lasala

When i'm not playing sports video games, you might spot me playing Yu Gi Oh 5DS on Xbox Live.

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