MLB Weekend recap


Every Sunday we will recap the events that shape Major League Baseball.

Will start off in the central the Detroit Tiger and Cleveland Indians two hottest team split there series 2-2. Detroit winning the last two. Both had a explosive offense Detroit had 55 hits and 34 runs while the Indians had 49 hits and 30 batted runs. Next Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. The Jay took the series 3-1. Again the offense for the White Sox is slow to show and bullpen struggling and even giving up leads. Former White Sox slugger Frank Thomas had 3 runs, 2 hits and 1 RBI on the series. Going East we have the Arizona D-Backs against NY Mets, the D-Backs took the series 2-1. They had 10 runs in that series. LA Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates. This series Dodgers are up (2-1) while they play there next game Monday. Next we have the San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals, Pads took the series from the Nats 2-1. Cristian Guzman for Washington is currently hitting .320. SF Giants and Philadelphia Phillies, Phillies are up 2-1 and next game is on Monday. Kansas City Royals at Tampa Bay D-Rays, the Royal are up 2-1 and next game is on Monday. Florida Marlins vs. Milwaukee Brewers, Brewers took the series 3-1. Next we have St. Louis Cardinals and Houston Astros, Cards took the series 2-1 and Albert Pujols homered twice Sunday night. Atlanta Braves against the Chicago Cubs, which they lost the series 2-1. Mark DeRosa grandslam in the 1st inning for the Cubs. Cincinnati Reds and Colorado Rockies, surprisingly the Rockies won the series 2-1. As of late there offense are on fire even 5 batters are hitting above .300. Next Baltimore Orioles vs. LA Angles, LA took the series 3-1 winning the last three games. Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics, A’s took the series 2-1. Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners, the Mariners won the series 3-1. And finally the New York Yankees against they rival Boston Red Sox. The Yankees won the series 2-1 but still 13.5 game back.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this. Also feel free to leave a comment and thank you.


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