NO HITTER ! Achievement unlocked

Just as the title suggest. Last night I was playing MLB 2K7 on the xbox 360 and unlocked No Hitter achievement (100 added to my gamerscore). I didn’t really started thinking about it until the top of the 5th. At the time I already had a commanding lead, even started about substituting my players but I withdrawn because I didn’t want to mess it up. Then 8th came and retired the side. Even Joe Morgan mentioned a possible no hitter. Next the 9th inning, one batter then two I was getting nervous…groundball to third and yes I did it. Raised both hands celebrating, It was 3:52am on Monday morning. Tired and sleepy turned off the xbox console and went to bed. Zzzz…

Here are the stats from the game.

(Morry Gash/AP)

  • Michael O’Connor SP-Washington Nats
  • 27 At bats
  • 74 pitches thrown
  • 11 Balls
  • 63 Strikes
  • 85 % Strikes
  • 8 Strikeouts
  • 9 Inning pitch
  • July 19, 2007 date against Colorado Rockies
  • 26,035 attendance

Okay I didn’t realize that Michael O’Connor is out (elbow). Get well soon and try to get a no hitter if not this year then next year. 🙂

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