EA Tiburon Launches Free Fantasy Football Service

EA announced today that EA Tiburon has launched a free fantasy football service that will give sports fan a chance to live their dreams and get in the game like never before. Available at www.easports.com/fantasy, the feature-rich new fantasy football service is available now.

Boasting a clean design and easy usability, the site allows armchair sports superstars to create leagues, organize teams, trade players, leverage the Custom Commissioner Packages and live scoring free of charge. As they make their way to the playoffs, players will experience total fantasy sports entertainment online. The leagues will allow for a maximum of 32 teams and league winners will be eligible for prizes. To help take your team to the championships, players can take advice from EA Tiburon’s bench of expert fantasy football consultants made up of the studio’s own development team members – the same people who rate the players and create playbooks for the EA’s blockbuster football games. These knowledgeable fantasy analysts will share their insights and expert advice through email updates, daily articles and blog content.

“We are very excited to be taking on fantasy football here at EA Tiburon. Given our experience with Madden NFL and NFL Head Coach, we couldn’t be more excited to take on take our knowledge, passion and experience and bring it into the fantasy football world. This is a great addition to our studio’s football roster,” said Executive Producer Jeremy Strauser. “We are able to leverage our design expertise, art resources and real-world football connections to deliver a great service to fantasy football players.”

Other football products produced by EA Tiburon include Madden NFL, NCAA® Football, NFL Head Coach, Arena Football™ and the NFL STREET franchises. Coming into its 18th year and with more than 60 million copies sold and having generated over $2 billion in retail sales*, Madden NFL football continues to stand out as one of the most popular videogame franchises of all time.

Source: EAsports.com 


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