Home Run Derby 2007 lineup

Below are lists of MLB players participating on tonight Home Run derby, which is being held at San Francisco AT&T park and behind the McCovey Cove (an industrial waterfront on the China Basin and South Beach) located on the right field section of the bay. The name McCovey Cove derive from San Fransisco first baseman Willie McCovey. Miguel Cabrera was scratched for today’s derby due to shoulder injury.

AL contestants:

Alex Rios – RF/Toronto Blue Jays (17HRs)

Justin Morneau – 1B/Minnesota Twins (24HRs)

Vladimir Guerrero – RF/LA of Anaheim Angels (14HRs)

Magglio Ordonez – RF/Detroit Tigers (13HRs)

NL contestants:

Albert Pujols – 1B/St. Louis Cardinals (16HRs)

Ryan Howard – 1B/Philadelphia Phillies (21HRs)

Prince Fielder – 1B/Milwaukee Brewers (29HRs)

Matt Holliday – LF/Colorado Rockies (15HRs)

Predictions ?

What are you’re predictions for tonights Homer Run derby? For American League my pick is Justin Morneau and for National League Albert Pujols. I think Pujols will win the 2007 HRD. Leave your answer/suggestion(s) on the comment box, Thanks.

Photos courtesy of MLB.com


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