All-Star Game starting lineup

(Lenny Ignelzi/AP Photo)

(Jeff Chiu/AP Photo)

The pitching match-up for tonight’s 78th All-Star game are Oakland Athletics Dan Haren and San Diego Padres Jake Peavy. Haren, 10-3 with a 2.30 ERA, leads the American League in ERA and Peavy, 9-3 with a 2.19 ERA, leads the National League with 125 strikeouts. Both right-handed pitchers make up the youngest starting match-up since 1986. The lineup for both American League and National League consist of

AL lineup

  1. Ichiro – CF
  2. Jeter – SS
  3. Ortiz – 1B
  4. A. Rodriguez – 3B
  5. Guerrero – RF
  6. Ordonez – LF
  7. I. Rodriguez – C
  8. Polanco – 2B
  9. Haren – P

NL lineup

  1. Reyes – SS
  2. Bonds – LF
  3. Beltran – CF
  4. Griffey – RF
  5. Wright – 3B
  6. Fielder – 1B
  7. Martin – C
  8. Utley – 2B
  9. Peavy – P


NL 10 , AL 9

Who do you think wins tonight? Leave your answer on the comment box. Thanks


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  1. dr genius

    im predicting the american league wins and then ichiro will hit an inside the park homer

  2. insidesportsgeek

    Yes ! How did you know ? šŸ™‚

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