Xbox 360 Backward Compatible Update

Microsoft today announced their backward compatibility update for the Xbox 360. List of 65 original Xbox games and 15 of them are sports titles which are the most of any updates. Below are the following sports games.

Title Name

  • Bass Pro Shops Trophy Hunter 2007
  • ESPN College Hoops
  • ESPN NHL 2K5
  • ESPN NHL 2K5
  • MLB Slug Fest 2003
  • MotoGP2
  • NBA Live 2002
  • NCAA Football 06
  • Outlaw Golf 9 More Holes of X-mas
  • Outlaw Volleyball: Red Hot
  • Pro Cast Sports Fishing
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3
  • Transworld Surf
  • Winning Eleven 8



About Anthony Lasala

When i'm not playing sports video games, you might spot me playing Yu Gi Oh 5DS on Xbox Live.


  1. I was just wondering if there is going to be an update for backwards compatibilty for the orginal Xbox game EA Sports NHL 07- I picked one up yesterday along with EA Sports Tiger Woods 07 and only Tiger Woods would work on my 360-is there going to be an update for NHL 07 soon because I am dieing to play this game and it feels useless right now sitting here and not being able to play it. Please reply back..

  2. insidesportsgeek

    Good question, the last update was on July 12th. There is no telling what game(s) are being work on for backward compatible. I would assume maybe NHL 07 since ESPN NHL 2K5 is updated. I would guess another backward compatible before the end of the year. Why not return and get EA Sports NHL 07 for the xbox 360?

  3. Tyler Walsh

    Well reason I got these two in particular was because they came together in one package at Walmart for $18-so do the math on that one..LOL!!! and I dont think walmart would take back an open disk….anyway, I will wait it out for the next update..

  4. insidesportsgeek

    Great deal. I might have to stop by at Wal-mart to pick this package. Thank you and continue to visit

  5. dannyray

    lol i picked up the same package today, if u can, get the college hoops basketball 07, its only 9.99!!

  6. insidesportsgeek

    Really !, I was at Gamestop yesterday and I picked up NHL 2K4 for $4.99 then pop it in the xbox 360 then, the game is not updated, look at the 360 backward compact list … I need the NHL 2k5. arrgggg ! 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing these Xbox 360 thoughts. I’m bookmarking this for future reference.
    First we have the Xbox 360 which of course is the next generation in the Xbox line. We also have the Sony PlayStation 3 which is Sony’s newest incarnation of the PlayStation which caused quite a ruckus upon its release, and then we have the Nintendo Wii which on its opening day completely sold out all available units
    I am currently on holiday so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for Xbox 360 games, lie around and update my blog. Well, more or less anyway. Doug

  8. insidesportsgeek

    Thanks for posting. I hope Microsoft continues to update their backward compatibility list.

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