100 post = Milestones

Yes ! we finally reached our 100 post. This is like 100 homerun or 100th win for a pitcher. Comparing this to basketball its like 100 points scored on a single game, which was done by Wilt Chamberlain back in March 2, 1972. First I want to thank my family, friends and you. If it wasn’t for you, 100th wouldn’t be here and continue visiting insidesportsgeeks.wordpress.com on a daily basis.

For 100th milestones, we are running a contest for a month. Guess what city we operate. Price has not been decided, maybe a video game? – we are open for ideas. Leave your answer on the comment box below.

Thanks again for checking out insidesportsgeeks.wordpress.com and see you in 250.


About Anthony Lasala

When i'm not playing sports video games, you might spot me playing Yu Gi Oh 5DS on Xbox Live.

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