British Open 7-22-07 Final results

Sergio and Harrington are in the final 18th hole. Harrington just missed the shot from about ?? yards, so did Sergio. Now both for par, Sergio makes it in. Next Harrington for bogey and win 30 inches? and Harrington wins the 2007 Open Championship. He is now joined with his wife and son. This make Harrington the second Irish native going back 1947 to win the Open.

Player 1 16 17 18 Par

Sergio Garcia 5 3 4 4 +1
Padraig Harrington 3 3 4 5 E

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    I want to see the entire final results not just the results of the playoff. Heading for this search fo top posts ” British opens 7-22-07 final results ???

  2. insidesportsgeek

    I’ll look it up and see what I can pull. Thank you.

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