On the Rise: Larry Johnson

That sound you heard this afternoon was thousands of fantasy football owners breathing sighs of relief at once. The Associated Press has reported that Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson has ended his holdout and has debuted at Chiefs’ training camp.

This news is like music to fantasy owners ears, particularly to those who drafted Johnson with a first round pick. Those particular owners have been waiting anxiously for weeks, wondering if they might have made the most bone-headed move in fantasy sports history. But now they can rest assured. LJ is back and is practically a lock to put up solid numbers once again.

As for owners yet to draft, make sure Larry’s at least at number 3 on your cheat sheets. Don’t believe the things your hear about him being overworked or about the sad state of his team’s O-line or about him missing so much time this summer. Those things don’t override his talent and potential. Just think of his holdout as an extended rest for his multi-million dollar legs.

If you’re sitting at pick #3, pull the trigger with confidence. And if you’re in a league of doubters and lucky enough to have him fall to you at 4 or 5, you are truly blessed. Do not hesitate to swoop Johnson up.

Just as a footnote to all this, we here at TJI have yet to prove that it was us drafting Larry on Sunday in the Blogger experts’ league that inspired him to get back to his team, but we definitely think it might have played a major part in his decision. Most of the major sports news sites have yet to cover that angle, but TJI (as always when news breaks) is all over it.

Now that LJ is finally back, be sure to check in with TJI for detailed reports of his complete and utter dominance of the National Football League in 2007.

Thanks to TJIFantasySports for this article.


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