Free Agent Frenzy: What Can Brown Do For You?

This post was taken from This Just In, a fantastic blog about fantasy football. I’ve already picked-up Ronald Curry on my league. To read more visit their blog at


Each week TJI provides you with free agent tips in this new feature, “Free Agent Frenzy.” We know your team needs just a little tweaking. We can help give you the edge for your upcoming matchup.

Go Get ‘Em…

  • Ronald Curry–He’s obviously going to be Oakland’s go-to guy. They’ll be playing from behind every week, so that helps, too. Not a good play this week against Denver, but could be a breakout player.
  • Chris Brown–If he’s still in your free agent pool, you’re in a league of idiots. Don’t expect numbers like Week 1’s every Sunday, but he’ll be a decent back-up if he stays healthy. Also makes great trade bait.
  • Drew Carter–Carolina’s new offense was very fluid on Sunday. His 2 TD’s won’t be a regular occurence, but he’ll post solid numbers when the match-up is right. He benefits from an iffy running game, too.
  • Matt Schaub–Wasn’t terrific, but he proved he can sling it. There are worse coattails to ride than Andre Johnson’s. Will be a solid bye-week fill-in when the match-up is right.
  • Eric JohnsonDrew Brees’s go-to-guy when his back was against the wall. The Saints are better than they played, but Johnson might be worthy of regular starts if he keeps this up.
  • Brandon Marshall–He was probably drafted already, but we found a few league’s with him still in the pool. If you noticed what Calvin Johnson did to the Raiders D, imagine what Marshall can do.

Wait One More Week…

  • Antawn Randel-El–Most weeks, Santana Moss will steal his touches. But Joe Gibbs likes him a lot and he and Jason Campbell seem to have a rapport. Snatch him up if he comes anywhere near a repeat performance against the Eagles.
  • Indianapolis D–The way they performed last year and with the number of players they lost, we need another week or two before we’re hopping on this bandwagon.

Keep Them on the Radar…

  • Jacoby Jones
  • James Jones
  • Dwayne Bowe
  • Patrick Crayton
  • Jesse Chatman

Join us tomorrow as we answer your lineup questions. There’s still time to email us with your fantasy football queries. WE GUARANTEE WE’LL RESPOND.

And check back in with us later this week for “Three Point Stance,” our weekly Start or Sit feature and our NFL Picks. We stank it up on both this week so we’re all pulling double shifts to make sure we live up to the TJI standard.

Until then, good luck.

Source: TJI


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