NHL 2K8 out now

2K Sports NHL 2K8 came out September 11th on North America. NHL 2K8 is available for Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3. Some features of the game includes:


• ProStick™ – Full 360° analog controls intuitively mapped to the right stick allow for precision puck handling ability. Hundreds of new animations give gamers a full range of movement, creating a genuine NHL gameplay experience on both offense and defense.

• All-New Goaltending – Completely overhauled with instinctive AI, entirely new animations, and situation specific behaviors. Goalies will now come out and challenge, guard the post, perform spectacular butterfly saves, and much more.

• Ground-breaking Face-Off System – Based on timing and strategy, and featuring tie-ups, warnings, and toss-outs, this innovative system brings an unrivaled level of depth and realism with every drop of the puck.

• NHL Signature Style – Striking next gen visuals, redesigned player models highlighting the new 2007-2008 NHL uniform style, accurate equipment featuring several real-life brands, and updated player likenesses bring gamers the most realistic hockey game to date.

• Deeper Franchise – Now complete with nearly every CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) feature available including a revamped off-season mode with brand new negotiation system, improved draft, refurbished free agent signing, and an all-new player progression system.

• My NHL – Gamers can customize their own style of play to create the exact hockey experience they want, and then share their Game Styles online for others to use. Using a new rating system to rank the best user Game Styles, gamers can let everyone else know how they should be playing hockey.

• 2K Sports Online – Featuring full online leagues and tournaments complete with trades, stat tracking, fantasy drafts, and more, gamers go head-to-head against the best players around. Players can also enter for a chance to win an all-new car in the NHL 2K8 Tournament presented by Dodge.

Source: 2Ksports.com


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