Devin Hester new record

(Tribune Photo by Jim Prisching)

Chicago Bears return man specialist/wide receiver/only Chicago offense (I kid) #23 set a new record when he returned a 64 yards punt for a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints on the second half. Hester sixth kick return touchdown this season doing so breaking his own previous record of five last season.

Devin Hester’s 11 combined career kick return touchdowns are two shy of the record held by Brian Mitchell.

Photo courtesy of photo gallery


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  1. You say you’re kidding, but in reality, Hester has been the Bears only form of offense this season. The record is an amazing accomplishment, and Hester has the career kick return for touchdown record in his sights. What’s even more mind-baffling is how he is only two touchdowns shy of it, despite the fact he has played in so many fewer games.

  2. insidesportsgeek

    Thank you for posting.
    Yes so true and imagine his only on his second year. Yikes !

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