2K Sports New Beta Site

Every single time I visit 2KSports.com it’s all the same – no news, screenshots etc. No new things to blog about here at Inside Sports Geek. Well little did we know, 2KSports.com were behind the scene updating the site to make it more interactive and livelier. I’ll copy/paste the full article for your reading pleasure.

As you may have noticed, were finally starting to mix things up on 2Ksports.com. For the first phase of our renovated online experience youll find all the news, information, videos and screenshots from your favorite 2K8 games. Over the next few weeks, we’ll add more titles and a new Gallery, Events and 2K Beats section, enabling you to peep all the action from 2K events, tours, tournaments, and soundtrack artists. And later this summer, well be launching the 2Kommunity -– a completely integrated community experience allowing you to connect, contribute, and of course, compete with fellow 2K gamers around the globe.

Whats New
Heres a breakdown of all the cool new additions:

  • Completely redesigned MEDIA section, so you can see all the latest videos, trailers and screenshots for every game in one place. You will also have on-click ability to forward to friends, or download to your blog, or social pages like Facebook.
  • Comprehensive NEWS section, featuring all the latest 2K Sports announcements and press releases.
  • All-new WHAT’s HOT section highlighting the cool additions and downloads to our site, Xbox Live Marketplace, and more. One-stop-shop for all the 2K sports EVENTS, like virtual NCAA Final Four and The Bounce Tour. The EVENTS section will be blown out with deeper functionality in a few weeks.
  • Game REVIEWS area so you can get the low down from objective savvy editors and credible publications (and not just take our word for it.)
  • One-click feeds and posts so you can add the 2K Sports RSS to your blog, mobile or web site, or post your favorite articles and assets to digg, del.icio.us and facebook with just one click of the mouse.
  • More sections and features will be added all summer long so check back daily for updates.

The new 2ksports.com was designed to take advantage of the latest web flash and web browser capabilities. If youre still using IE 6, you should know that the site will work better for you if you upgrade to IE 7 or switch to another browser. Here are a few links to help:

Upgrade to IE 7
Get Firefox
Get Safari
Get Flock

Source: 2KSports.com

I’m already loving the site. Great job 2K Sports !


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