MLB Interleague Play: Home runs

We here at InsideSportsGEek love long ball and saw lots this past weekend first Interleague play. Below is compile list of MLB players who went deep. Before reading the list can you guess who had the most home runs? Is It American or National League? Players? Read on..

One side note – Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates did not have AL vs. NL matchup. Cubs won the series 2 of 3.

Baltimore Orioles
Luke Scott
Nick Markakis
Jay Payton

Texas Rangers – Most with seven total players
Josh Hamilton
David Murphy x2
Michael Young
Chris Shelton
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Milton Bradley x2
Marlon Byrd

Seattle Mariners
Kenji Johjima
Adrian Beltre

Cleveland Indians
Jhonny Peralta
Travis Hafner
Casey Blake
Ben Francisco
Michael Aubrey

Kansas City Royals
Miguel Olivo
Jose Guillen
Mark Teahen

Detroit Tigers
Miguel Cabrera
Matthew Joyce

Chicago White Sox
Alexie Ramirez
Carlos Quentin
Joe Crede
Orlando Cabrera

New York Yankees
Jason Giambi
Bobby Abreu
Derek Jeter
Hideki Matsui

Boston Red Sox
David Ortiz x2
Mike Lowell
Kevin Youkilis
Dustin Pedroia

Tampa Bay Rays
Carlos Pena
Carl Crawford

Oakland Athletics
Jack Cust
Ryan Sweeney
Bobby Crosby

Toronto Blue Jays
Rod Barajas
Lyle Overbay

Los Angles Anaheim Angels
Mike Napoli

Minnesota Twins
Justin Morneau

Los Angeles Dodgers
Andre Ethier
Blake DeWitt

San Diego Padres
Tadahito Iguchi
Adrian Gonzalez x2

Philadelphia Phillies
Jayson Werth
Pat Burrell
Ryan Howard

Cincinnati Reds
Adam Dunn x3 …why did I not play you in my fantasy league 😦
Brandon Phillips
Joey Votto

Florida Marlins
Dan Uggla
Mike Jacobs x2
Wes Helms

St. Louis Cardinals
Chris Duncan
Ryan Ludwick x2
Albert Pujols

Arizona Diamondbacks
Eric Byrnes

New York Mets
David Wright
Jose Reyes x2
Ryan Church

Milwaukee Brewers
Ryan Braun x2
Mike Cameron
Corey Hart
Prince Fielder
J.J. Hardy

Houston Astros
Lance Berkman

Washington Nationals
Ryan Zimmerman
Cristian Guzman

Colorado Rockies
Todd Helton
Clint Barmes

San Francisco Giants
Rich Aurilia

Total home runs: AL-46, NL-38. Most HR by a player Adam Dunn-OF (Reds) with 3.

Just read Adam Dunn hit his fifth straight home run in five games. Making this his career-high five homer in a row, also tied the team record done three previously by Ken Griffey Jr. (July 8-12, 2003), Ted Kluszewski (Aug. 11-15, 1954) and Johnny Bench (May 30-June 3, 1972).

And once again in my fantasy league I b-e-n-c-h-e-d him the second time. Did I not learn my lesson over the weekend? aaarrgh.


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