I miss you all !

Damn !! I missed posting on my blog (busy again with family stuff) but damn sure feels good to be back. I think my fingers miss typing on this fine Dell SK-8100 keyboard 🙂

Don’t think I been slacking off – for a while I was working on a possible insidesportsgeek forums, not one but two . Almost forgot I created another blog using Google’s blogger/blogspot called *drum roll please* ArtofsportsCovers.blogspot.com – don’t know why I created another blog but I think we love sports covers or I’m just crazy. Also working on a Fantasy Football league – 16 player league. Interested ? send email at inisdesportsgeek@gmail.com .

Should be a whole lot of fun, so stay tune…


About Anthony Lasala

When i'm not playing sports video games, you might spot me playing Yu Gi Oh 5DS on Xbox Live.

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