Jay Cutler traded to Chicago Bears

The drama that is Jay Cutler is now over. For nearly 4 weeks we  heard his complaint, lost trust, betrayal, who called who scenarios – how the Denver Broncos organization didn’t want him secretly trying to trade him for Matt Castle. Well yesterday he was traded to my beloved Chicago Bears for Kyle Orton (which I was saddened when I found out lat last night) two first-round picks and third-round pick. I still don’t who got the better deal. Last season Kyle Orton came to his own and Jay Cutler well he’s a proven quarterback. In just two full season starts he’s already accumulated 8,023 total yards. 

2008 Season stats


K. Orton 18 TDs, 12 INT, 2,972 YDS, 79.6 RTG

 J. Cutler 25 TDs, 18 INT, 4,526 YDS, 86.0 RTG

You might say the Bears got the better bargain.. but I don’t know. What not to say Cutler will have another baby cry moment just like he had in Denver. What if Jerry Angelo is trying to negotiate another QB. Then Jay Culter overheard this…

Hope this doesn’t happen here in Chicago. As we all know for years the Bears have been trying to get a good, decent quarterback. Is Cutler that guy? We should soon see… but for now I’ll refer to him as ” cry baby Cutler ” until I’m proven wrong.

Poll: Jay Cutler trade, who got the better deal?


Player Photos courtesy of NFL.com


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  1. Luis Rodrigues

    Stats say the Broncos had the better deal…

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