Bears Won’t Get Chance To Screw Up Draft

Written by Godfrey Logan, Friday April 03 2009

On the day of the draft I will turn 33 years old. already balding the last thing Iwanted to do that day was pull out what was left of my hair.

I’m glad the Bears got Cutler though the Bears had chances to draft a quarterback before this trade. There was talk the Bears would have drafted a wide receiver at number 18 but with the picks the Bears have made in recent years I was terrified who they would have drafted considering the last picks they made at the wide receiver position have not even seen the field. I’m glad this trade happened though I believed it was a long shot because it has taken the responsibility out of GM Jerry Angelo’s hands. Not to say that Kyle Orton wasn’t a serviceable quarterback but his numbers had fallen off in the second half of the season which is what prompted Angelo to comment on it at the state of the team address leaving many fans to believe that the team was going to draft a quarterback. The problem with that choice is that we would have had to wait for such a player to develop and fans in Chicago who have been pining for a franchise quarterback since Sid Luckman. The only problems left now is figuring out who Cutler is going to be throwing to since our receivers right now are very much still wet behind the ears and hopefully changing the defensive scheme. It is obvious to the fans that that scheme isn’t working and yet they keep on using it. 

Godfrey Logan is a guest contributor for Inside Sports GEek


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