E3 2011: Wii U, Nintendo’s New Console – Impressions

” Finally, the Wii is going HD! ”  An article posted by Vlad Savov of Engadget.com. Thats my first thought too when Nintendo announced their new console at today E3 Press Conference. Wii U, Nintendo’s new system, sports a new touch screen interface – a 6.2in controller. This unique controller lets you browse the web, video chat, interact with your television or handheld gaming if dad wants to watch some sports game on TV. The Wii U touch screen controller is also equipped with 2 analog stick, face buttons, a gyroscope and a front-facing camera. It’s also compatible with Nintendo’s current Wii gaming accessories, from Wii Fit, to the Wii Zapper.

Not much is known under the Wii U specs but from the E3 video, games look High Def. Link battling a giant tarantula looks amazing.

Sports game connection..

Wondering why a sports blog talking about Nintendo’s new gaming system? Don’t fear, Nintendo’s Wii U touch screen controller allows you, if your playing a baseball game, to control the pitch location and/or if its hit in the outfield, enables you to target the ball and catch it… like a baseball glove. Another scene shows the Wii U touch screen controller on the floor, looking down and seeing the golf ball as if your in the golf course and gesturing to hit the ball as you would normally swing a golf club using the Wii Remote. See screenshots below.

images taken from engadget video/screencapture by us.

Hopefully 2K and EA Sports utilize this new touch screen interface on their next sports games, we sports geeks are excited about it.

What do you think of Nintendo’s new gaming console? Sound off on the comment page below. Thanks.

Source: Engadget.com


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When i'm not playing sports video games, you might spot me playing Yu Gi Oh 5DS on Xbox Live.

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  1. Anthony Lasala

    Here a few more specs – integrated rechargeable battery,rumble, power button, microphone, speakers, and two circle pads aka analog stick – Nintendo’s calling it as such. Same buttons layout seen on a Wii Classic Controller. Home button, d-pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, and L/R buttons, plus ZL/ZR.

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