We Dissect NBA 2K12 – NBA Greatest Trailer

There is nothing better than when a video game trailer is released. In this case 2K sports NBA 2K12 momentous trailer. Sure 2K has been hyping out this game a whole lot and it does not help that we keep posting new articles about it, but I have to say this trailer rocks! This 2 minute and 26 seconds video showcases actual gameplay, and you’ll notice, with the current NBA players, some old school ballers.  Darel Carrier of the the ABA league, anyone?

There are some that I was able to decipher and others I wasn’t able to. If we’ve missed anyone, hit up the comment section and let us know.

  • The trailer starts off with Michael Jordan driving to the hoop with his signature dunk against two Hornets’ defenders number 30 Dell Curry & number 2 Larry Johnson. 0:10 / 2:26
  • Number 6 Julius Erving blocking number 35 Darel Carrier during the ABA season? 0:13 / 2:26
  • Bird’s flight against the Atlanta Hawks number 10 Steve Hawes? and number 35 Antonie Carr. 0:33 / 2:26. This one we can’t put our fingers on who actually is in the video . We were sure it was Steve Hawes but he only played from ’77 to ’83 in which Carr only played ’89-’90 with the Hawks. Could it be Randy Whitman? But he only played during the ’84-’88 season with the Atlanta Hawks.
  • Number 33 Larry the Legend Bird no look passed to number 34 Rick Carlisle or number 44 Danny Ainge. 0:34 / 2:26 . Let us know about this one.
  • 34 Hakeem Olajuwon (or Akeem) against the Denver Nuggets number 23 T.R Dunn. 1:03 / 2:26. Here’s another difficult one, it might be Bryant Stith, who played from ’93-’00 season.
  • Bulls number 24 Bill Cartwright blocking Alonzo Mourning (33) … ooohhh ! 1:14 / 2:26
  • Milwaukee Bucks number 1 Oscar Robertson? 1:18 / 2:26
  • Number 2 Larry Johnson dunk against number 30 Terry Porter. 1:22 / 2:26
  • And lastly, a screen from number 14 David Rivers against Trailblazers Jerome Kersey (25) and number 00 Kevin Duckworth. Then Magic (32) cuts and passed the ball to number 42 James Worthy. POW!  1:43 / 2:26

We have analyzed and it’s time for you readers to discuss the content. Let us know under the comment section.

via: Kotaku, source: Basketball-reference.com


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