Payton Hillis Watch – Weekly performance, Madden NFL 12 Cover Athlete

First off, we don’t wish on any athletes to miss games due to some sort of injuries. With that said, this is merely to see how well the person performs on the weekly basis, especially if the athlete(s) is on sports video covers.

This year we will be chronicling Payton Hillis, who last year surprise everyone with his outstanding performance – 1177 rushing yards, a 4.5 avg and 11 TD’s, a well deserve choice by fans to be on this year Madden NFL 12 cover athlete.

week 1 – Okay, no tds

  • rushing: 17 attempts , 57 yrds, 0 TD
  • receiving: 6 receptions, 30 yards , 0 TD

week 2 – Solid week

  • rushing: 27 attempts , 94 yards , 2 TD’s
  • receiving: 3 receceptions , 23 yards , 0 TD
week 3 – did not play, illness
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