Justin Verlander: Major League Baseball 2K12 Cover Athlete

Take a guess on the following : Posted an era of 2.40, 24-5 win/loss record – best of the league. A no hitter, four complete games and two shoutouts. If you guess 2011 AL Cy Young winner Justin Verlander you are right.

There’s no denying Justin Verlander earns the spot to be on the cover on this year MLB 2K12. He ranks first on nine standard pitching statistics during the 2011 season, for examples, games started (34), inning pitched (251.0), strikeouts (250), WHIP (0.920) – ouch !

Justin Verlander (35) – P

What’s our take on the cover ?

When I first saw the cover art I was not impress and what pops out the most is Justin proportion seems off (now after a week, its okay). Keeping with the theme for this year covers are the white/reddish smoke surrounding the cover athletes like found in NBA 2K12 covers. 2K opted with the paint look which is a nice touch. Movement of Justin Verlander is capture well with his signature pitching delivery stance and added electricity on his right throwing arm is a plus.

The last two years 2K Sports has picked players who dominated on the field to be their Major League Baseball cover athlete and this year is no exception/more deserving than Detroit Tiger ace Justin Verlander.


Source: facebook.com/2KSports


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