Virtua Tennis 10 Years Gone – Documentary Video

Wow…it’s  been 10 plus years since Virtua Tennis was first released on the arcade and home console aka the Sega Dreamcast (has it been that long, *sigh*). I’ve always love Virtua Tennis for the simplicity, graphics and addictive gameplay.

While checking out and reading Sega Memories website, I stumble upon a post regarding this documentary video. Gracious Films team of Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield created this 39:43 minute documentary with commentary from fans, past/current SEGA rep, and even Mie Kumagai, Virtua Tennis creator & developer. She talks about the process, developmental phase it took to create Virtua Tennis. Originally, during the initial presentation, they’ve created a prototype and used a railroad worker as character model which was taken from another game ! (Could the train simulation game be Desha de Go! ?)

This is well done documentary and worth checking out. Also share your fondness memories of Virtua Tennis in the comment field below. Thanks.


via: ; source: Gracious Films vimeo page

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