E3 2012: Finally A Physic Engine in Madden NFL Football

You ever played Backbreaker from 505 Games/Natural Motion which uses Euphoria engine that has dynamic animations? Its a great game but without a proper license (NFL) is just average… 😦

On Monday, EA Sports announced the a new physics engine called the “Infinity Engine”. For the first time in Madden history, predetermined outcome/collisions are no more thanks to the all-new run time physics which power this year Madden NFL 13 gameplay.

The Infinity Engine considers a players mass, his speed and his momentum and this effect the outcome of every collision. Said Cam Weber during EA Sports Press Conference.

Animations are the most authentic I’ve seen – even looking at some of the images. The Infinity Engine delivers countless number of animation possibilities, interaction between players are more organic, and finally (which I’ve been saying for many years) players physical attributes matter now which means smaller players won’t easily drive thru bigger players (of course).

As a long time NFL 2K fan, I’m stoked of the new changes finally happening. Are you interested in the new Madden football? Be sure to post your comment(s) below and also check out EA E3 Press Conference and see some of the new features on this year Madden.

source: EASports.com/E3


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