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What is insidesportsgeeks?

Insidesportsgeeks is a term we use to individual or a group who are passionate about sports. There are misconception about sports gamers not truly a gamer and somehow perceive as such, casual. We are here to let them know we are hardcore just as RPG gamers. We played such games as SEGA’s Football Manager or 2K Sports MLB Front Office Manager, which let you build a team from the ground up. This aspect of management are deep and requires many hours to play. This could also be found in modes such as “season” in each sports titles, there you taking your team thru the entire season.

About insidesportsgeeks

insidesportsgeeks is a daily blog (not as of late) about sports and sports video game related topics. We report on news, stats, previews, reviews, fantasy, deals, international – not in any particular order. We provide fun, interesting posts that our readers hopefully enjoy. We value community and welcome all readers to our site. And the pairing of sports/videogames was something we passionately love.

Staff  only one so far 😦


 Anthony Lasala – Founder/editor

Anthony currently works/resides in Chicago. His first experience in gaming came in a form of Madden ’93 for the SEGA Genesis. Since then, he has played numerous sports titles. He learned the wonderful world of baseball thru playing 2K Sports Major League Baseball 2K series on the SEGA Dreamcast.

Favorite sports titles: Madden ’93, NFL 2K5

Currently playing: NBA 2K10 Draft Combine



  1. Hello my name is Raymond Goode aka Shopmaster in the Madden Community. I have a new website out there that you may be interested in writing about called “MyMaddenPad.com”. MyMaddenPad.com is a social network for NCAA and Madden fans where you can write blogs, search for opponents to play online, find local tournaments and events, and much more.

    One of the cool new features that MyMaddenPad.com has is the ability for a user to save his/her NCAA or Madden Highlight that is created on the console this year. What gives MMP the advantage on this is that no other place allows you to upload that file to the system, not YouTube, Vimeo, or other media outlets. MMP lets you upload your downloaded files (that are taken off of EASportworld.com) straight from your computer to the web to share with your buddies.

    You can check it out at http://www.mymaddenpad.com. I can also answer any questions you have.

    A little about me: I am an EA Sports Community Leader. This allows me to play Madden early to give feedback to the developers. I also own a Madden Fan site called Madden Wars (http://www.maddenwars.com).

  2. Anthony Lasala

    Thanks bibomedia and Shopmaster.

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